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Esala Perahara

The most important folk festival in Sri Lanka

Esala Perahara

The Esala Perahera in Kandy is one of the oldest and grandest of all Buddhist festivals held in Sri Lanka, including dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and lavishly decorated elephants. During the time the city transform itself to a dazzling spectacle for two weeks with the sounds and lights of the Kandy Perehara – a glorious procession where the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is ceremoniously paraded on elephant back along the streets of Kandy. This ritual, has been taking place for more than hundreds of years, have become one of those events that should be in your lifetime goal list to experience.

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Kandy Perahara 2018 Dates

12th Aug 2018
Ceremony of planting 'Kap' (auspicious post)
16th Aug 2018
1st Kumbal Perahera
17th Aug 2018
2nd Kumbal Perahera
18th Aug 2018
3rd Kumbal Perahera
19th Aug 2018
4th Kumbal Perahera
20th Aug 2018
5th Kumbal Perahera
21st Aug 2018
1st Randoli Perahera
22nd Aug 2018
2nd Randoli Perahera
23rd Aug 2018
3rd Randoli Perahera
24th Aug 2018
4th Randoli Perahera
25th Aug 2018
Final Randoli Perahera
26th Aug 2018
Day Perahera
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