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inside dambulla cave temple


A destination of Cultural Trinagle

Golden Temple of Dambulla

Located within the cultural triangle, Dambulla is a city that is rich in history that dates back to 1st century BC. It is said that King Valagamba, during his 14-year-long exile from the Anuradhapura kingdom, took refuge in the caves in the city. When King Valagamba completed the 14 years of exile and returned to the throne at Anuradapura kingdom, he had a glorious rock temple built at Dambulla in gratitude to the monks for providing shelter and protection during the troubled times. Having mentioned caves, it is also recorded that the city is the proud host to the biggest and best-conserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka. There are more than 80 documented caves in the surrounding vicinity. Major attractions are extended over 5 caves, which hold statues and paintings related to Lord Buddha and his life.