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white meeran jumma mosque galle

Galle Fort

The historic Fort

Distance from Airport : 2 h 17 min
Distance: 151 km

If you are talking about fortified towns, nothing can beat the Dutch fort in Galle, which has the distinction of being the best-preserved sea fort in South East Asia.

Also named as a world heritage site, you can still capture the essence of an old world charm, where the constricted streets are dotted with Dutch colonial villas.

The most captivating building out of the lot would be the Dutch Reformed Church, including ornately carved memorials to the city’s Dutch settlers. If you would like to be a part of this beautiful place, be attune to its colonial ambience, the fort hosts some of the island’s fantastic boutique-style accommodation which are former villas restored to their colonial glory.

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15 things to do in Galle Fort
  1. Clock Towe
  2. Main Gate
  3. Sun Bastion
  4. Amangalla
  5. Dutch  Reformed Church
  6. Bell Tower
  7. All Saints Anglican Church
  8. Old Llyod’s Office
  9. Dutch Governor’s House
  10. Old Gate
  11. Zwart Bastian
  12. Court Square
  13. Dutch Hospital
  14. Lighthouse Beach
  15. Lighthouse
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Around Galle

Rumassala Peace Pagoda
You can see this pagoda glittering from Gall Fort. Rumassala Peace Pagoda was built by Japanese Buddhist monks of the Mahayana Sect as a gift to Sri Lanka.
Jungle Beach
One of those "secret" spots it seems everyone knows about, Jungle beach is indeed reached through a tropical forest at the east end of the Galle's Bay
Kottawa Conservation Forest
Discover untouched jungle at this 14-hectare wet evergreen forest about 15km northeast of Galle. You can do simple trekking to spend couple of hours in the nature.
Yatagala Rajamaha Viharaya
Buddhist monastery located very near to world famous Unawatuna with a history of more than 2000 years. The monastery was built by the king Dewanampiyathissa who ruled the country more than 2000 years. There are amazing creations of ancient Ceylonese who made for Buddhist Monks. Buddha statue older more than 2300 years which extremely present most of the emotions of Lord Buddha. That statue is a great example for the stone carving methods of ancient Sri Lanka. The temple is not a very crowd at always where ancient ruins were kept safety. Many Buddhist paints which created 100% natural ingredients add a fantastic thing for visitors. Buddhist monastery consists of giant granite boulders which belong to a rocky garden, there are many archeological facts on this pilgrims site which belong to Buddhist Civilization. In front of the temple fully covered by a huge paddy field a picturesque with a stunning view.