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dalada maligawa temple kandy


Welcome to the Cultural City of Sri Lanka

Kandy And sacred temple of Tooth Relic of Buddha

Kandy is a serene city that is abundant with gorgeous views, great archaeological values and an amazing climate that is just perfectly soothing to a soul. Before English conquered the entire isle, Kandy became the last capital city of the last remaining independent kingdom in the isle under the reign of King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha. The city still gives out an aura of undying magnificence, a lingering reminiscent of the glory days when the royals ruled the kingdom. Many of the architecture is still preserved and as it was the capital of the country, Kandy became home to the most precious and venerated place, the temple of the tooth relic of the Buddha that signified a 4th-century tradition, which used to be related to the Sinhalese realm, since the guardian of the relic was the ruler of the land. Still today throngs of people visit the temple which is renovated and preserved throughout the years. The best time visit the city would be for Esala Perahera, which is one of the grandest most looked forward spectacles in the country.

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