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I founded “I Go To Sri Lanka (IGSL)” in 2011, do you know why? To help my friends spend an unforgettable holiday in Sri Lanka, as I do.  Anna & Peppe visited Sri Lanka with me in 2010.

Our first day was from my village Adiambalama. In the evening, we hired a tuk tuk (Trishaw) went to the Negombo market & bought fish for dinner & some beers. While my mother cooked, we flew kites with my friends at the village paddy field. Kamal, my friend scaled a king coconut tree & picked out some Thembili (King Coconut).

As our tradition he offered the best to Anna & Peppe. Drinking together near a paddy field by stream while watching the sun set was just picturesque. What a wonderful evening for Anna & Peppe & my friends! Spending the night with some cold ones at our guest house: Villa Daisy, managed by my parents.

Macy Stewart

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Locals Guides speak your language

Throughout your entire journey with us, a well-versed and well-informed tour guide or tour leader will accompany you during your excursions. They will accompany you during long day tours and will share their insights and information about the sights you see and local life. The guides have a good sense of humor to make sharing information and insights enjoyable.

24/7 Customer support

We are a local travel agency, we speak several languages and have connections and partners around Sri Lanka. We have a wide network and highly trained staff that can help you with any problem regarding your tour and itinerary at any time of day.

NO intermediaries

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