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IGSL Foundation

Why I formed the IGSL Foundation


Every Man, woman & child deserves an education. With “I Go To Sri Lanka Foundation”. We aim to provide and encourage education among the rural areas of Sri Lanka. Education is the one factor that can elevate anyone from poverty in Sri Lanka & the world.


I was born into a working-class family as most Sri Lankans. Though my parents wanted to give me the best education it was not possible without a situation. We faced countless obstacles, wearing a single pair of shoes, learning under candlelight, sacrificing my lunch money to buy books.

My mother used to sell breakfast in order to pay our school fees. It was the difficult times that made us & it was the difficult times that makes us value the things we take for granted. But from these experiences, I have realised the importance of these basic needs. And most importantly the foundation of education.


My team, my partners & I work hard to give a smile to those children and fill their lives with light, hoping that one day these actions will pave for a better future for them.

Let's do it together!

A pensil, a note book or used clothes take them with you. We organize a visit to a rural village where we can distribute them among needed children and families.

What We Do

We select children, who love to study & determined to get an education & fight poverty. We will go meet their families & discuss about their needs, afterwards, we try our best possible to provide them with the tools they need for the children’s education.

  • School textbooks
  • Shoes
  • Payments for Tuition Classes
  • Extra books for Educational Curiosity

We also help orphanages, so we often organize teatime/lunch & dinner & spend time with them. Sharing a few moments of our life with them.

Our guests are more than welcome to join us on our community services and spread the love with us.