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Is Sri Lanka safe to travel to, Post-COVID?

Sri Lanka is a tropical island located just above the equator known for its breathtaking beaches, vast history and rich culture, and being selected as the ‘Number-One Destination’ to visit back in 2019 by Lonely Planets’, highly anticipated, “Best in Travel” annual collection. While many countries remain isolated due to Coronavirus, Sri Lanka is looking forward to the time when global travel resumes. We know very well being in lockdown for this relatively brief period has given us a newfound appreciation for ‘freedom to travel’ and that many are eager to grab their travel sack and slip on some boots to once again experience the wonders and secrets of Sri Lanka. 

negombo fishermen with catamarano

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic will change the future of travel, with concerns for health and safety heavily influencing your choice of destination, excursions, accommodation and of course transport. However, we remain confident that Sri Lanka will be recognised once more as one of the safest and must travel destinations in the world — here’s why: 

1. Relatively low number of coronavirus cases 

Sri Lanka being one of the most popular travel stops faced off with the coronavirus which took the whole world by surprise. However, relatively few cases of the virus were identified ‘within the community’. 

2. Swift Government Measures 

The swift implementation of an over two month long island-wide curfew was a challenging, but a crucial decision which helped in preventing the rapid spread of the virus. Detailed guidelines were set in place for transport, hotels and restaurants resuming operations post-lockdown, to aid in limiting the spread of the virus. 

A heartfelt thanks to the selfless efforts of the Medical Staff and Defence Forces, and everyone who pitched in, working tirelessly in keeping the coronavirus effectively isolated. 

3. Rural and off-the-beaten-path experiences 

Despite being crowned as the “Number-One Destination” to visit, there are many places you can still escape to enjoy privacy and experience the hospitality of rural communities. Bonding with the locals is one of the best ways to experience the traditions and culture of Sri Lanka. The tour operators in Sri Lanka always work closely with rural communities to benefit everyone involved with the help of their talented team of trip crafters. 

4. Unique and diverse private villas and boutiques 

If you’re looking for a private escape to the sounds of nothing but the gentle winds and birds chirping or in the middle of a jungle surrounded by wildlife, then look no further! We’ve got an abundance of boutique hotels and private villas that whispers privacy with hospitality going beyond your expectations all the while suiting a wide price range. 

5. Private tours and safe transport

While you can get around Sri Lanka quite easily using public transport or taxis, Sri Lanka has a diverse fleet of private guides who are well versed in travel eager to share their experiences with you and take your comfort and safety to heart. 

Our team of expert tour crafters will advise and create that dream getaway you’ve been looking for. From dotting out your route to selecting accommodation that best fits your preference, rest assured you are in safe hands as your safety is of uppermost importance to us. Our team is up-to-date with crucial global and in-country information surrounding coronavirus. 

As you may know, the Sri Lankan government proposed several measures to safeguard the general public and visitors from Covid-19. With the guidance of SLTDA and SLAITO, we have developed and adopted health and safety guidelines to ensure our clients’ well-being during their time in Sri Lanka. We make sure that: 

● The hotels we use follow health and safety guidelines 

● Vehicles used are sanitized and stocked with sanitary supplies 

● Our guides undergo medical checks and are well aware of the health and safety guidelines 

As mentioned above, due to the recent pandemic the process of obtaining VISA and travelling has changed drastically to ensure health and safety measures are taken and to abstain the virus from spreading further.


The detailed process is mentioned below for your convenience. 

01. The first step in the travelling process is to obtain the VISA from the Government of Sri Lanka. For that process the easiest procedure would be to reach out to a “Certified travel agent”. After sharing your travelling dates and the Passport copies, the respective travel agent will initiate the VISA application process, conducting the relevant agencies and obtaining it for you. For this you will need to have a strong travel itinerary as well mentioned where and when you’d be travelling within the country. 

02. Once the VISA is processed and obtained, you may proceed in reserving the Airplane tickets. Once they are confirmed you are almost good to go. 

03. The next step would be obtain a PCR test 96 hours prior to travel, once it is negative you are allowed to board to the airplane to travel to your destination, Sri Lanka 

04. On reaching Sri Lanka, you will be escorted to your first quarantine hotel, which you will spend the next consecutive 14 days. Within that span, you will have to go ahead with 03 other PCR Tests during the span of 03 days, 05 days and 12 days. The hospital personnel will be supplied via the travel agent and the relevant PCR Tests will be handed over to you. 

05. Once the period of 14 days is completed, you are free to travel within your tour itinerary within the country.

As for the hotels, please find the document placed within the given link which contains names of the Safe and Secure Certified Level 01 Hotels 


I hope that this short blog helps shed some light on doubts you might’ve otherwise had and that I was able to encourage your itch to travel once again. Feel free to check out our website for itineraries and places that you could add to your bucket list of places you would like to visit during your next Sri Lanka holidays.